Without the use of photoshop or any programming skills, SEEMIYAH allows you to create a playlist of pre designed templates that then can be played in full screen on digital devices. There are a lot of widgets that come predfined with beautiful images so that you do not have to search for them. Or maybe you want to have some automated information like locak weather, news, photos from your facebook or google+ profile as a collage to promote your social network profile.

"My aim was to create a personal slideshow of widgets that you can play on gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers and even smart televisions. Professionals would describe this as a digital signage service but i prefer to call it a "screensaver in the cloud". 
Carlos Pinto

The history of this project.

Back in early 2007 the finnish company NOKIA announced at the CES in Las Vegas the N800 tablet to, apart of many other breakthrough technologies, be the first one capable of playing ADOBE Flash files at a reasonable speed. Though you were not able to use it as a phone, with a fluid running SKYPE, internet connection via WiFi and the more-or-less open source MAEMO operating system it was a real competitor for the smartphones available at that time.

When in summer 2007 Carlos Pinto was offered a N800 by a friend he imediately started to customize the device through all its possibilities. Just a few days later he realized that the device is perfect to be used as nightstand clock but that the clock, though nicely designed, did not fit to the interior of his bedroom. He asked himself: "What if i could choose between several clock designs and maybe even have a news RSS feed below the time?"
Once he started to scribble the idea of the project it was clear that this widget could be much more than a downloadable software. The result was the development of a service called "The Mojocafe" and published under www.mojocafe.net to offer users the possibility to register for free › create a playlist out of several pre-designed widgets › be able to play this playlist on any device that is capable of playing FLASH files.

Though the project had its small success within the Playstation scene and heavy discussions within the MAEMO community due to the closed-source propietary of ADOBE Flash, the problem back in that time still was the processors of the devices.
Once that you created a playlist with several widgets, the devices got knocked out making animations end up with 2 frames per second. The fun was gone.

In 2012 Carlos Pinto moved to the south of Canary Island. That region of the island is visited by nearly 1 million tourists per month whom are offered hundreds of restaurants, bars and hotels to enlighten your holiday. The mentioned locations own at least one television that is turned on whenever an important sports event occurs or to show news channels in foreign language to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
But when neither one of these occasions exist, the televisions are turned off. That's when Carlos had the idea to reborn the MOJOCAFE project but this time without Flash and in Full HD.
The mojocafe became SEEMIYAH and is now a plugin independent solution. All that you need is an internet connection and a device that is capable to offer you a web browser kit that can handle Javascript - what all modern browsers can.

The story behind the name

With the second big update and due to a technical problem, this project's name changed from "Mojocafe" to SEEMIYAH. The wish to name it after something that shows that the whole real and digital world should be defined as "one" together with some out of the common word or phrase lead to these words that come from the Jamaican Patois language: Si Mi Yah, meaning "See me here". Check this link.

The three colors beige, yellow and red are based on the meaning of the ground, the light and the power of electricity meaning the power of digital content. All this together with the beautiful minimal font "Piers Sans" and the claim "Your screensaver in the cloud" that is like Patois itself, out of the ordinary. <7p>


Enjoy your slideshow at a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels onto your television. If your smart TV ain't fast enough we suggest you to use a casting device like Google Chromecast to present your SEEMIYAH widgets onto a television. Perfect for hotels, bars, restaurants and any other public places to use SEEMIYAH as digital signage solution.


Start your SEEMIYAH widgets playlist direclty in your web browser and set it up as screensaver by callinng the go.seemiyah.com website on your screensaver settings. This way you can enjoy your widget playlist while your computer is resting.


Just like with your "big computer" you can set SEEMIYAH as screensaver application. Doesn't matter if you are on Windows, Ubuntu or Mac. And even better! SEEMIYAH offers a screensaver application for Chromebooks.


With a SEEMIYAH widget slideshow running on a tablet is a perfect solution for your living space or in public spaces a great example to use as digital signage to promote your social network profiles or service.


Whenever you do not use your smartphone or while it is charging, you can use SEEMIYAH as a beautiful presentation tool for latest online photos or on Android devices as Daydream extension.


While your portable consoles like the PS Vita is charging, make your SEEMIYAH playlist appear on its screen to enlighten your living space. A beautiful screensaver tool for consoles that was not mentioned to be used like that. Let's change the game!


These are just a few of the sources and online tools that SEEMIYAH uses to offer you widgets that bring you weather data, the latest news, photo albums, photo feeds or CSS and HTML simplified animations. There are many more available, check the widgets section to find them.


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