Android Screensaver

With the Android version 4.x Google brought the so called Android Daydream onto the smartphones. Daydreams were nothing else than screensavers that activated themselves whenever you plugged your phone to charge.
In 2016 Google changed the service name from Daydream to Screensaver *sigh* because they adopted the former title for their virtual reality platform thus resulting in hundreds of further known Daydreams being downloaded by people who were seeking for something completly different. Nice move, Google. *cough* You can download these daydreams from the Google Play Store though they appear under the name or category of being a Daydream.

Mountain time clock

This Android Daydream from the SEEMIYAH collection offers you a beautiful nature photo backdrop by Anrew Ridley that he shot in the area of Portree in the United Kingdom. On the lower third of this widget you get the current time shown via three bars that are animated depending on the current value of the hour, the minute and the seconds. For a better reading of the current time, below it you will find the number from 1 to 59.

Surfing line sundowner

This Android Daydream from the SEEMIYAH collection offers you a photo shot by Joschko Hammermann, of a beautiful beach scene with the tail of a surboard laying in the sand whilst the sun goes down. To the lower right it shows the current time in text form together with the current date. A big rectangle to the right toggles its opacity to act as the seconds indicator.

Cubus clock

With this Android daydream you get the current time shown within a texture full of ractangles in several darkish colurs. All three time indication values are rotated to adapt to the design appearing within one of the cubic elements.

Retro Curves Clock

This SEEMIYAH daydream offers you some nice retro design showing the current time, whereas the seconds are inserted with a mask option to give the whole layout some kind of depth. The hours and minutes are rotated on the lower left corner while the current seconds are presented in big bold numbers.

New York skyline clock

Get the current time and weather data of New York as Android daydream, whenever you dock or charge your device. This SEEMIYAH DAYDREAM offers you a beautiful photo shot by Philipp Henzler of the New York Skyline as background. On the lower bottom you will be presented with the current time and weather data that the app gets from the internet. You will be offered the current time with hours, minutes and seconds. Next to it the current date with the current month name below it. To its right you get the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, together with a beautiful icon showing the current condition. There is also an information about today's sunrise and sunset before the last information that you see is the current wind speed in KMH and MPH.

Circle of Solitude

To all you Yoga and Meditation lovers out there, this app will be your breathe traning and taking android daydream solution. On a beautiful photo shot by Julia Caesar you get an incredible beautiful landscape scene with a woman doing some Yoga on top of the world. Next to her, you get the current time in hours and seconds and a circle that changes its opacity every 2 seconds surrounds the girl.

Red and black clock

This is an ideal and very minimalistic daydream time and date presentation! In the middle this app presents the current hours and minutes, while you get the actual date below it. Around these are 60 dark red dots that depending on the actual seconds become bright red. GET MORE SEEMIYAH DAYDREAMS AT

Royal lines time clock

This very minimalistic daydream presents you the current time and date with some animation bars. Three bars indicate the currenthour, minutes and seconds. Depending on their value, the bars width raises from left to right - the later it is, the bigger the bars become. To its right you find the currentdate in a three liner showing the currentday, the full month name and the full year. All of this on a brownish background.

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