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SEEMIYAH 3.0 - it's online!

I am absolutely honored to inform you that the i relaunched my SEEMIYAH "screensaver in the cloud" project. SEEMIYAH allows you to set up a playlist of pre designed widgets that then can be played in any digital device offering an internet connection and a modern webbrowser technology. Thus said, you can have social photo albums, weather data, news feeds or the actual time or date, showing on a device simply to enlighten your living room or making it a free but beautiful solution for digital signage in public spaces like hotels, bars, restaurants or offices.
The biggest modification is that SEEMIYAH now is absolutely free to use. There once was a member area but that vanished. To see how a playlist could look like, there is a permanent demo player on the website available so that you can start right away. These are the biggest changes coming with the SEEMIYAH 3.0 update:

100 % FREE!

With the first two versions users were restricted in the creation of a widget playlist. Though this was changed lately with version 2.0, there was no total freedom. This changed now as there does not exist any member area with special package offers anymore.


Like always you can create as many playlists as you want to - one per e-mail. The reason for this lays in the background of the SEEMIYAH's creator (Carlos Pinto) background. As a professional content developer for hotel websites, it's a fact that within a big hotel, every departement has its own e-mail adrress.
If SEEMIYAH would allow one user to create several playlists, each departement would have all together one password. From Carlos' point of view a big security risk.
As every department can create its own playlist, a hotel in example can have a "reception playlist" showing widgets about the whole hotel, while a television in the hotel's restaurant can show food photos or quotes by famous people about eating and drinking. And at the cocktail bar next to the pool, the hotel can have a tablet or television showing the actual weather data and latest news from a news feed.
This would result in three profiles created at SEEMIYAH, everyone with its own playlist.


With SEEMIYAH version 2.0, you were restricted to add only up to 20 widgets to your playlist - and had to pay for that. This is gone now! Your playlist could contain hundreds of widgets within. There are just two reasons why a playlist should never have more than 50 widgets (and even that should be considered way too much). Reason number one is that due to the refreshing of widgets that show news or the actual weather, the whole playlist is refreshed after 20 minutes. SEEMIYAH will have some day a better solution for this, but this is at this moment the easiest way to guarantee that the whole playlist is refreshed correctly. So if you have a playlist with dozens of widgets that will exceed that maximum time amount, widgets that appear after that time will not be shown.
Reason number two why you shold not have such big playlists is the amount of data to be load. Those widgets offering beautiful photos as background in Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) will takesome time to load, depending on your internet connection. So if you create a playlist out of 50 widgets where each widget comes with such an image, you would load approximately 25 Megabytes by playing your playlist. This will suck your data consumption like a thirsty vampire!


A new section within the page can be found on top of the menu. It is called "Open playlists". These are pre designed playlist by subject. Imagine that you simply would like to have beautiful photos of mother nature and some time showing widgets. Instead of spending 5 minutes or more in creating your own individual playlist, you choose one of the pre designed ones and start it right away. Without set up and without registration. Free as much free can be.

There are some other technical and big improvements - too many to put them up in here. There is now a Changelog menu point on the top menu that allows you see what changes have been made.

I, Carlos Pinto, want to take the opportunity to thanks those who support this project and helped me out with killing bugs, giving critics or simply hinting for bad english translations. I hope to be of any help to you out there!


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