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Relaunch of SEEMIYAH v5.0

Exactly one year passed since the last update and the reason why everything but everything BUT EVERYTHING has changed. For the first time in all these years i had to realize that i had chosen the wrong path for the SEEMIYAH project and instead of insisting in pushing forward something what people do not want, i made a 360 varial-heel-flip.

So what happend?

With the last version i changed the whole SEEMIYAH project in a way based that users who want to set up their screensaver playlist can do so, without having to register. And not only that i found a way offering you the total freedom of not having to postpone your e-mail address or a name or something else; for the first time in all those years you had the chance to manage more than one paylist. In short: you were allowed to create as many screensaver playlists as you want, to play them on as many devices as you want, and all of this without having to offer any type of user data because all the screensaver data was saved locally on your browser. It was 100% of freedom.
Now, after one year i had to realize that freedom is not what you want.

People started to use the SEEMIYAH Android Daydream apps more than the page itself. Social integration, reviews, commenting is bigger on these platforms per individual app than what ever happend on the site. In short: either the SEEMIYAH system was too big for a personal use in private, or too small for a professional solution used as digital signage system.

Tell your mommy that the competitors are in town!

Just within one year the software market for "digital signage" has incredibly increased. Though their users were not my main target group, it was this group that at least could offer some kind of income for the costs of this project. But just in 2015 popped up several open source digital signage tools, a bunch of apps that imho never reach the personalization idea i had with SEEMIYAH, as Android app and last but not least the Raspberry Pi scene popped up with some incredible good digital signage solutions.
So how shall i - tthe one-man project - compete against small groups of maker enthusiasts or big companies offering digital signage solutions with hardware combinations like multi-monitor support !? I won't. I am that type of guy that prefers to run into an other direction instead of where the big scouts are leading to.

What's new with SEEMIYAH 5.0?

For several months now i have accumulated widget, app and screensaver designs that are in my to-do folder waiting to be designed, scripted and deployed. With this 5.0 edition of SEEMIYAH i will start to concentrate on the development per individual screensaver or to say it more drasticly: kill the playlist! There will be plenty of SEEMIYAH appps popping up and as i am developing all of them now as Hybrid Application thanks to the framework7 mobile framework, i certainly will soner or later start to deploy the SEEMIYAH screensaver to iOS, Windows etc.
Today i have been focusing on the idea of developing Programms either with Electro or NW.JS but could not be satisfied with their results.
Do you remember the Firefox SEEMIYAH Extension i once made? It's still here and maybe there will be some kind of Chrome/Firefox/Webkit Screensaver extension. Or maybe many. I can not tell, at this moment.

So fware i would like to take the opportunity to all of those nearly 100 people who created widgets, playlists and streamed them on more than 200 devices. That was a great experience so far and i am sure that once i manged to define a bigger target group, i might bring it back. Wish you the best for this year!

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