Bugs to eliminate for upcoming versions (please report bugs to contact AT seemiyah.com)

5.0 (2016.05.26)
- Relaunch of the whole project.
- Removed the playlist option
- Removed the member login features
- Everything is new and it is so full of stars.

4.1.1 (2016.02.13)
- BUG REMOVE Widgets within the playlist details were shown even if they were set as "trashed"

4.1 (2016.02.08)
- NEW design and system relaunch due to the misunderstanding of the free-via-cookie system
- NEW Users can create unlimited playlists with just one account.

4.0 (2015.01.12)
- NEW no registration needed as user is saved via Cookies for 24hours
- NEW public playlists can be down by anyone without registration needed
- Template relaunch

3.01c (2015.06.29)
- Changed the tag system from the core Joomla tag sys to a FABRIK tagify solution.

3.01b (2015.06.28)
- Added Picography as content provider to the system.
- Added ISO Republic as content provider to the system.
- Added Freely Photos as content provider to the system.
- Detail thumbnail is missing. Link to the thumbnail preview in widget details is wrong.
- Public start playlist module passed wrong ID.

3.01a (2015.06.26)
- Changed the details page per widget so that widget details are now viewable at the frontend.
- Deactivated the "categories" option at the widget filtering module due to the SQL filter option.

3.0 (12/2014)
- Relaunch of the whole page design and tech background
- Template now is INVENT
- Moved away from a Virtuemart shopsystem to own FABRIK layout
- Widgets in Playlist can now be drag and dropped to re-order
- Removed widget amount limitation
- Removed widget duration limitation

2.0 (12/2014)
- Whole tech site moved from full ADOBE FLASH to the Joomla CMS
- Widgets set up as "products" within the Virtuemart component of Joomla
- Shoptemplate changed to Gavick Storefront
- Playlist generation based on the FABRIK component
- Membership option added via Payplans

1.1 (~ 10/2008)
- Port of the whole Mojocafe to a Playstation Portable solution

1.0 (~ 11/2087)
- Project development for the NOKIA n800/N810

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